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Our history

Once upon a time,
Paris à Vélo

Michel Noé gave birth to us in 1993...

En 2019, “Paris à vélo c’est sympa”, a changé de papa… C’est Mohamed qui a repris le bébé ! Et comme Paris à Vélo, c’est sympa, c’est rigolo, c’est bien plus beau, c’est trop bueno (ce sont nos clients qui le disent !), on raccourcit notre nom en “Paris à Vélo”, et on laisse la créativité de chacun faire le reste !

Our niche is cycling... and our beautiful city of light. Paris animates us, makes us dream, makes us live! And as we like to share, we like to make the curious discover our most secret alleys and most sumptuous monuments by bike. Whether you come from the other side of the world or we are just neighbours, we have guided tours and bikes to make you dream in complete freedom and safety. Guided or autonomous, we will always have the pleasure to exchange, to guide you, to advise you. Because yes... with us, it's the human element that counts!

Yes... but not at any price! In the greatest respect of our environment: we are anchored in an ecological approach with low carbon emissions, by supporting our local shops and by associating ourselves with French brands.

Mohamed Salhi

Operations director.

Victor Dugain

operations manager.

Stéphanie Fleury

Responsible for tourism development.

"We" are the people behind the scenes, the people you meet during your visits, at trade fairs, or read about on the Web, Mohamed, Victor, Stéphanie and our enlightened guides!

Our business is our passion: we look forward to sharing it with you.

"Many of our visitors roam the streets of the capital with our bikes and guides ... They come from around the corner or from around the world. They make us travel and we try to give it back to them! "