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Our history

Once upon a time,
Paris à Vélo

Michel Noé, a Brussels native, bookshop owner, race-car driver, and therefore a big adventurer created us 27 years ago. That is when he settled down in the 19th district and decided that he really wanted to share his love for our capital. However, he knew that in order to really feel how alive Paris really is, you had to have the freedom to wander round on foot… So, he decided to take a chance and launch “Paris à Vélo, c’est sympa!”. He was the first-one to offer bicycles to rent to tourists and then started proposing, to the most inquisitive ones: a tour of our City of Lights on bike.

In 2019, Paris à Vélo, c’est sympa! got adopted by Mohamed and people now say ‘Paris à Vélo, c’est sympa’/ Paris by bike, is nice’, even more fun, and so lovely therefore really ‘bueno!’ So, we are shortening our name to: ‘Paris à Vélo,’ and we will leave it up to you to and everyone else to finish the rest of that sentence…

Mohamed Salhi

Operations director.

Victor Dugain

operations manager.

Stéphanie Fleury

Responsible for tourism development.

“We” being Mohamed the COO, Victor the Head of Operations and Stephanie the Head of Tourism Development and described as “our guiding lights” online…

"Many of our visitors roam the streets of the capital with our bikes and guides ... They come from around the corner or from around the world. They make us travel and we try to give it back to them! "


Visit Paris on bike

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