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Bikes & accessories

Bike rental and accessories

With a fleet of about 150 bikes, we have the quantity, quality and choice to meet your needs.
Still unsure ? Ask us for advice !


City bike

City bike

High quality bike, comfortable and light, 6 speeds and suitable for people from 1m50 to 1m90. The best way to get around Paris !
Maximum load 120 kg.


36V electric bike with high capacity battery and very comfortable to use. To pedal far and long without straining! A must for accessibility.

Photo nouveaux VTC  Giant Escape 2

Touring bike

16-speed touring bike with lighting, equipped with a luggage rack. The best companion for long rides and multi-day tours.

Photo nouveaux VTT Giant Talon 2

Mountain Bike

A high-performance mountain bike that will take you across the fields and off the beaten track.

Velo cargo Babboe electrique

Cargo E-bike

To ride with your children safely and effortlessly !
Can carry up to 2 children weighing up to 50 kg.

Tandem adult-child

A unique experience to share with your children, during which they will love pedalling!
Suitable for a child aged between 6 and 10 years, depending on height, and a possible 2nd child aged 2 or 3 years maximum.

Tandem adults

Test your degree of complicity... (or mutual trust 😉 ) Experienced cyclists or novices, the Tandem will unite you in the pleasure of discovering the city together.

Remorque enfant vélo

child(ren) trailer

Light and easy to handle, this trailer attaches to your bike for family rides in complete safety and…. Oh surprise, our new model even transforms into a stroller!
It can accommodate up to 2 children up to 40 kg. Adapts to city bikes, hybrid bikes, mountain bikes.


Cargo longtail

Compact bike with an extended and reinforced luggage rack allowing the transport of adult or child passengers (within the limit of 100Kg) in complete safety. This high performance bike is suitable for cyclists from 1.50m to 1.95m in comfort thanks to its adjustable saddle and handlebars.


Baby seat (up to 24kg, 5 years), bags (waterproof 30l.), helmets, mobile stand, basket

Rental prices*

City bike child/adulte MTB and Tour bike E-bike Tandem adults / adult-child Cargo E-bike Vélo cargo longtail Accessories
1/2 day *** 17 € 27 € 35 € 42/50 €** 52 € - -
1 day 20 € 32 € 42 € 47/57 €** 65 € 95 € 1 à 3 €
Extra day 15 € 25 € 31 € 36/46 €** 47 € 65 € 1 à 2 €

* Deposit required between 100 and 2000 euros depending on the bike rented and the insurance option - See General Terms and Conditions of Sale. All our bikes are maintained by us and equipped with a U lock.

** Price tandem adult-child
*** 1/2 day rate offered excluding weekends and reservations