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Do you know the cargo bike?

the ultimate family bike!


Babboe cargo bike in front of Paris city hall, by night

Here's a great bike with lots of uses...
We observed, studied, tried and opted for the babboe mini with electric assistance.
Our assessment = we approve!

We have identified a number of strengths that we share with regular users:

  • You can carry loads of up to 45 kg: your children, shopping, bulky items (but not too bulky) or even your dog!
  • Electric assistance can help ease the strain on your calves when you start off, or when you're going uphill (or more if you're so inclined!). Range from 40 to 60 km...
  • You can carry up to two children in comfort and safety thanks to its 2 seatbelts. And if you want, we'll supply the cushions to pad the seat!
  • The reassuring fact that you're sitting in the saddle means you can keep an eye on everything that's going on in front of you! And, as parents, we know how important that is 😉
  • Shorter than a standard cargo bike, it's really easy to handle, making it perfect for family outings around town.
  • Last but not least: our children love it!

Our rental rates : here.
And if you're interested in taking it out for a test drive, don't hesitate to contact us to book it!


babboe mini cargo bike


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